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NIHE is dedicated to individuals who have a passion for Holocaust education and are actively seeking innovative tools, connections, and collaborations to further advance Holocaust remembrance to future generations. Whether you are a Holocaust educator, scholar, activist, author, artist, or from any other related background, we welcome your involvement.


The Network for Innovative Holocaust Education nurtures a culture of innovative educational programs for Holocaust studies and commemoration by offering a proactive, comprehensive, and inspiring environment for all those who are ardent supporters of maintaining the relevancy of Holocaust memory.

By bringing together activists from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, we hope to promote and develop innovative Holocaust educational tools.

Innovation is...

Digital Tools

Advanced Educational Approaches






NIHE is dedicated to fulfilling a vital role in fostering mutual enrichment, support, and collaboration among the network's members.

We are a dynamic and expanding community comprised of over 170 dedicated Holocaust education activists spanning 26 countries.


Our members encompass a diverse range of professionals, including authors, informal educators, teachers, artists, museum educators, directors, and many others.

Networking opportunities

At NIHE, we adhere to a sustainable approach that extends a diverse array of active roles within the network to all our esteemed members. This includes participation in committees, as lecturers, and various other engaging opportunities.


In the spirit of NIHE, we firmly believe in the power of grassroots initiatives, and we wholeheartedly encourage our members to take the lead in their respective fields, fostering meaningful change from the ground up.

Members of NIHE enjoy an online monthly networking meeting.

In addition, we use digital platforms such as WhatsApp to connect.

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Members of NIHE

We represent a burgeoning international community comprising over 170 dedicated Holocaust Education activists hailing from 26 different nations. Our diverse membership encompasses teachers, informal educators, esteemed scholars, accomplished artists, published authors, and passionate activists.

Learning Community

Members of NIHE share knowledege and Information about the different innovative tools that serve Holocaust Education. Hence, enrich each other's professional world.

Whether it is digital tools or advanced educational methods NIHE's focus is on your professional toolbox in Holocaust education.

Each month NIHE holds two educational sessions on Zoom. 

Central to our educational ethos is the interactive nature of our sessions. NIHE's educational sessions stand as a distinctive platform for direct engagement with the speakers, memebers of NIHE. Through inquiries and reflections, we anticipate fostering insightful dialogues that enrich your grasp of Holocaust Education principles and how they can be applied effectively in your own pursuits.

We invite you to actively partake in this experience by preparing thoughtful questions that will further illuminate the discourse. Your active engagement is poised to contribute to the collective growth of knowledge and awareness.

Furthermore, NIHE is creating a Data Base for all tools that can be useful for the members and for relevant innovative projects of the members.

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April 2024


May 2024

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January 24

September 23


February 24

November 23 (Postponed because of the war)


March 24

December 23

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Co- Create

NIHE will be a platform for collaboration and enable reciprocal learning,

creation and incorporation of new projects, and promotion of innovative strategies for Holocaust education.


By creating networking opportunities, providing professional guidance, and building a community of like-minded, passionate individuals, our social impactors will have the chance to brainstorm and share original ideas among the members of the Network.

Fists in Solidarity
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